Trial for Cornwall man facing sex-related charges

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CORRECTION: On Monday, March 3, 2017, in a story entitled “Cornwall man sentenced for sex crime”, Cornwall Newswatch incorrectly reported that Prasath Kanasamoorthy of Cornwall was facing a one day jail sentence on three sex-related charges. In fact, Kanasamoorthy had been convicted and given a one day jail sentence on three charges of domestic assault, harassment and failing to keep the peace. His three sex-related charges are still before the Superior Court of Justice and are scheduled for trial in January 2018. Cornwall Newswatch regrets the error. An updated story follows with comments from his lawyer, Frank Horn.

CORNWALL – The lawyer for a Cornwall man plans to vigorously defend his client against three sex-related charges.

Prasath Kanasamoorthy was arrested March 30, 2016 and charged with sexual assault, invitation of sexual touching and sexual intervention.

On March 3, Cornwall Newswatch had incorrectly reported that Kanasamoorthy had been convicted on those charges and given a one day jail sentence with credit for time served. The conviction was in relation to three charges of domestic assault, harassment and failing to keep the peace.

Court records also show that Kanasamoorthy and his lawyer, Frank Horn, are already appealing those charges, which will be heard in court June 8, 2017.

Horn explained that case was in relation to a fight between Kanasamoorthy and his girlfriend.

As for the sex-related charges, Horn explained his client will be fighting those charges.

“We’re fighting that. He’s well known in this town. He was not convicted ever of sexual assault against young kids, ever,” Horn said.

“He’s charged with it…but people make up all kinds of stuff. It’s doesn’t mean they’re guilty. Just because somebody says something about somebody else, that doesn’t mean they’re guilty. He has done nothing wrong in that area and we’re going to prove it in court,” Horn said.

“He has never been convicted of any kind of sexual assault, any kind of sexual improprieties of any kind. That has never happened!” Horn emphasized.

According to the Superior Court of Justice information, there are six counts relating to two alleged victims. Cornwall police said one of the alleged victims was a boy under the age of 16.

The matter will be heard Nov. 1, 2017 for a judicial pre-trial and then Nov. 30, 2017 for assignment court.

Eight days have been set aside for a trial, starting Jan. 22, 2018.

According to the court records, a plea has not been entered on the charges.

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