Borrow the internet at SD&G libraries

(SD&G County Library via Newswatch Group, File)

SD&G – The United Counties will be testing a new form of loan at SD&G library branches – the internet.

The county is buying 15 mobile hotspot units which should be available in July.

“Borrow the internet like you would borrow a book or a museum pass,” Communications and Marketing Library Susan Wallwork told county council Tuesday morning.

“The library is committed to providing information to our patrons whether it’s in print or online,” Wallwork said.

“They’re on a flex plan so it depends on how much data is used on how much we’re charged. But we do have a maximum of $50 per device per month and that’s for unlimited data,” Wallwork said.

The library branches are going to start out with 10 day loans “and we’ll see how that works.”

Just like a book, Wallwork explained that patrons would be subject to overdue charges and if the person decides not to bring it back, the library can shut the data off remotely.

This is a three year pilot project.

Wallwork said other municipalities have launched these pilot projects and “have already received positive responses.”

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