The $100K+ club in SD&G; who made the Sunshine List in 2016

SD&G – The CEO for the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) and local Medical Officer of Health has, once again, topped the so-called Sunshine List in SD&G for public employees making over $100,000 in 2016.

According to the provincially-mandated Ontario Public Salary Disclosure List, released Friday, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis made $322,695 in 2016, up from $318,167.

Another 14 EOHU employees show up on the list – mostly office managers, program managers and senior directors.

Still with health care, Cornwall Community Hospital CEO Jeanette Despatie earned $236,399 – almost identical to her 2015 and 2014 salary.

There were 72 other CCH employees – 34 registered nurses and a number of departmental directors – that made the 100K club.

The City of Cornwall had 88 employees that made over $100,000 last year – over half of them were with the fire department.

The highest earner was CAO Maureen Adams with $174,416. Her salary will be a mix of her job as Chief Financial Officer before she was promoted to CAO in April 2016. Former CAO Norm Levac still showed up on the list after he extended his stay with the city during the transitional period. He was paid $120,415 last year.

EMS Chief Myles Cassidy had a salary of $157,132. His position now includes looking over the shared services departments with the city (services shared with the United Counties of SD&G). Four EMS commanders and two deputy chiefs showed up on the list.

In the fire service, there were 34 Cornwall firefighters, nine fire captains, four platoon chiefs two mechanic and training positions and three fire prevention officers who made the Sunshine List.

Fire Chief Pierre Voisine brought in $141,423 last year while Deputy chief Bruce Donig had a salary of $135,917.

In the Cornwall police force, Chief Dan Parkinson took home $193,457 while Deputy Chief Danny Aikman had a salary of $171,555. Both the chief and deputy chief’s salaries increased about $9,300 year over year.

There were another 60 police employees – constables, sergeants, staff sergeants and an IT manager – on the list.

Around SD&G, all the CAOs of the six townships were on the list:

  • South Dundas – Shannon Geraghty – $125,031
  • North Dundas – Angela Rutley – $124,659
  • South Stormont – Betty De Haan – $113,185
  • North Stormont – Jean Marc Chenier – $107,276
  • South Glengarry – Bryan Brown – $125,154
  • North Glengarry – Daniel Gagnon – $123,865

A couple of other township workers showed up on the list. North Dundas Director of Planning, Calvin Pol, earned $101,627 and North Glengarry Public Works Director, Ryan Craig Morton, made $104,421 in 2016.

At the United Counties, Director of Transportation and Planning, Ben de Haan, earned $140,127, CFO Vanessa Metcalfe had a salary of $127,375 and CAO Tim Simpson earned $168,579. Both Metcalfe’s and Simpson’s salaries dropped slightly compared to 2015.

When it comes to school boards, there are over 300 Upper Canada District School Board employees on the salary disclosure list – a lot of them teachers, vice principals and principals.

Education Director Stephen Sliwa made $245,917, as well as superintendents Valerie Allen $162,540, David Coombs $162,540, Susan Edwards $162,540, Tim Mills $162,540, Nancy McCaslin-Barkley $162,540 and Phil Dawes $159,374.

At the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario there was Director of Education, William Gartland with a salary of $205,709, which is down from $213,327 in 2015.

A little over 150 employees from the CDSBEO show up on the list. They include superintendents John Cameron ($146,062), Natalie Cameron ($140,845), Doreen Hawes ($160,052), Thomas Jordan ($140,845) and Bonnie Norton ($135,629).

Dean of the Cornwall campus of St. Lawrence College, Deborah Stava, brought home $137,219 in 2016 – her first year after taking over for the retired Don Fairweather.

You can search the database and look up other public sector employees here.