LTE: ‘We are not the focus but the money is’

Dear trustees,

Last Thursday you made the worst possible decision you could ever make by closing our school. You’ve uprooted many of our lives and disheartened all of us. You’ve proven that you do not care about our education or even us as students by making such an irrational decision. You are losing many students to the Catholic board as over half of us are transferring to St. Joe’s, which also means you are losing many of your academics. Now, thanks to you, we will have longer bus rides, earlier mornings and less of a sense of time management considering we’ve all worked our lives and plans around our school days. Some of us will even have to change job schedules due to the fact we are being forced to switch schools.

As students we are very close with each other, we pass each other in the hall and we all acknowledge each other here. We are cared about at this school, the teachers and students have very good work relationships and are able to help students one on one if needed. At Rothwell, our education is put first by our staff, clearly something you have no interest in. Over half of our high school end has all been awarded honour roll, our attendance is amazing and our school spirit even better. I hope you know you’ve not only angered us but you’ve broken our hearts and shown your true colours, proved to us that we are not the focus but the money is. I have completely lost faith in the public school board and will no longer be attending any schools run by them. Thanks for taking the time to read this email, it’s the least you could do.

Have a horrible day.

Karissa Donnelly
An angry student at Rothwell-Osnabruck

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