Highest paid 2016 county councillors in North Dundas

North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

SD&G – North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan was the costliest county councillor for his duties with SD&G in 2016.

Those figures are part of a statement of remuneration, required under the Ontario Municipal Act. The report was received by county council this morning (Monday) during its monthly meeting.

County councillors get a base salary of $11,204.48, but that doesn’t include extra money for meetings, conference remuneration, conference expenses and mileage, which can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line.

Outside of then-Warden Jamie MacDonald, Duncan had the largest bill for meetings ($4,296.15) and for mileage ($2,124,52), amassing a total of $23,028.98. His conference expenses totalled $4,327.13. But Duncan was pretty much on par with his fellow councillors when it came to pay for attending conferences.

Next on the list is North Dundas Deputy Mayor Gerry Boyce with $20,786.25 in pay and expenses in 2016. That included $2,869.07 for meetings and $2,074.72 for mileage. Boyce’s conference expenses were $3,561.28.

Here is how the rest of the pay and expenses for council stack up (in alphabetical order):

  • Jim Bancroft – $15,767.44
  • Evonne Delegarde – $19,886.09
  • Dennis Fife – $17,928.37
  • Tammy Hart – $17,572.00
  • Jim Locke – $16,546.81
  • Chris McDonell – $18,004.70
  • Bill McGimpsey – $18,113.73
  • Ian McLeod – $17,037.12
  • Frank Prevost – $18,430.76

Warden Jamie MacDonald had a total of $51,523.56. That included his base salary of $30,252.08, as well as $9,329.27 in meetings and $4,124.23 in mileage. His conference expense bill was $6,202.93.

In all, it cost the SD&G government – and by extension, the taxpayer – just over a quarter million dollars for pay, honorariums, expenses and mileage in 2016.

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