Escape room among county jail plans for 2017

A slide outlines the plans for 2017 for the SDG Historic Jail as part of Ontario 150 celebrations. Tourism coordinator Shauna Baggs gave an update to council on the jail plans, which includes an escape room. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

SD&G – With “a lot happening” in 2017, the tourism coordinator for SD&G outlined a number of plans around the county jail site.

Shauna Baggs outlined their progress and plans for 2017, since the formal tourism partnership between Cornwall and SD&G dissolved at the end of 2016.

The county is looking at enlisting the services of Escape Manor, a company which organizes escape rooms. Escape rooms are a game where people are trapped inside a room and have to use clues to get out within a 45 minute time limit.

Baggs said it would add an attraction to the 1833 jail and more revenue, while using Escape Manor’s marketing and outreach.

The jail events will also serve as a “data capture” exercise in order for the tourism department to build its statistics.

This will also be the first year for the newly-branded Doors Open – SD&G, which will take place Aug. 19-20, 2017.

Baggs said the 2017 tourism guide has gone to print and should be out shortly. As well, 250,000 copies of the Summer Fun Guide will be distributed through the ONRoutes on the 400-series of highways with a promotional coupon for the Water Street jail.

Councillors seemed very pleased with all the developments.

“You’ve done more in six months than I’ve seen in six years on county council,” Coun. Eric Duncan said.

Duncan added that he can “sleep well at night” with the decision to separate from the City of Cornwall on the tourism file.

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