Some hydro relief but system not fixed says McDonell

The Cornwall Electric offices on Sydney Street on Oct. 14, 2016 in Cornwall, Ont. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&SG – Local MPP Jim McDonell says Hydro One customers in the region will see some relief on their electricity bills but the Liberal government hasn’t fixed the “broken electricity system.”

McDonell was reacting to the Wynne government’s Thursday announcement that it plans to cut electric costs for every ratepayer by 25 per cent.

That’s being done by refinancing the utility’s debt.

“The latest Liberal plan does not undo any of the reckless policies that created the problem in the first place,” McDonell said. “These cuts would not have been necessary if not for the Liberals’ disastrous energy policies which sent Ontario hydro rates skyrocketing in the first place.”

The MPP adds that part of that 25 per cent reduction is actually the eight per cent HST reduction which took effect at the beginning of the year – a re-announcement if you will.

While relief will be coming to customers in most of the United Counties, it’s not known how the changes will affect Cornwall Electric customers – the utility that gets its power from Hydro Quebec.

A company spokesman told the Standard-Freeholder they are awaiting the government’s criteria for implementing the 17 per cent credit before it will know whether Cornwall Electric customers will qualify.

Cornwall Electric users are getting the eight per cent reduction, Andrea Celone said.