South Dundas Meals on Wheels merger

In this Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017 photo provided by the Champlain LHIN, Senior Accountability Specialist Colleen Taylor and Williamsburg housing corporation Executive Director Janet Levere make a presentation to the board about consolidating Meals on Wheels services in South Dundas. The merger of the Morrisburg and Williamsburg agencies will happen April 1. (Champlain LHIN via Newswatch Group)

OTTAWA – The regional health agency has approved the consolidation of some home support services in South Dundas.

Home Support Services of Morrisburg and District (HSSMD) and the Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing Corporation (WNPHC) have both been providing Meals on Wheels in the region.

The Champlain LHIN said a number of HSSMD clients were also receiving services from WNPHC and the two agencies decided a year ago to review their operations.

Both concluded that the smaller Morrisburg home support service should be integrated into the Williamsburg housing corporation.

Under the approved plan, Williamsburg will absorb the Morrisburg volunteers and clients and then Home Support Services of Morrisburg and District will be dissolved.

The transfer is expected to take place April 1.

Morrisburg has 45 Meals on Wheels clients and Williamsburg has 50 Meals on Wheels clients. As well, nearly half of the Morrisburg clientele were receiving some sort of other service from the Williamsburg housing corporation.

It was also identified during the review that the Morrisburg operation would not have been sustainable long term.

Meals on Wheels is a hot and frozen meal-delivery service for clients, often home-bound, such as seniors and adults with disabilities.

“These kinds of integrations are never easy. They require a lot of thought and investment by agency staff and volunteers; everyone has a stake in it. We are always impressed when people come to us after finding a way among themselves to make it happen,” Champlain LHIN board chairman Jean-Pierre Boisclair said.

The board made the decision last week during its meeting in Ottawa.