$30M for North Glengarry water ‘on the cusp’

Gina Gragone of Maxville, Ont. makes a presentation to the Upper Canada school board in Kemptville, Ont. Thursday, March 2, 2017. Dragone is asking the board to add French immersion as Maxville Public School continues to grow, adding that the township is about to get $30 million in funding for municipal water. (UCDSB/Livestream via Newswatch Group)

KEMPTVILLE – A Maxville representative told Upper Canada school board officials Thursday night, North Glengarry is “on the cusp” of getting $30 million for a municipal water system.

Gina Dragone cited information she received from a North Glengarry councillor following a meeting today (Mar. 2).

Dragone shared the significant development in asking the board to keep investing in Maxville Public School by adding French immersion in addition to the seven schools already identified to be dual-tracked. She would also like to see the UCDSB bus students into Maxville from St. Isidore.

She said North Glengarry has “literally never been closer” to receiving assistance to put water infrastructure and the school and community should “not lose momentum.”

Maxville P.S. had been on the initial list for closure but was spared in the final report.

Some trustees had questions about the timing of the announcement.

She said she would get more information to trustees on time lines for water infrastructure.

A Glengarry Regional Water Supply project was completed in the summer of 2014 and is considered “shovel ready” for government funding.

Township officials made it known earlier in the school review process that it had Warren Kinsella’s Daisy Group in its corner – a lobby group with strong influential ties to the Ontario government.

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