LTE: Who’s to blame for American Empire fallout?

I can’t agree more with Dave Porter and his opinion piece The Fall Of The American Empire. The state of the American presidency and United States is embarrassing.

1. Millions more on welfare
2. Millions more on food stamps
3. 96 million not in workforce (highest number in 40 years)
4. Anemic economic growth
5. Identity politics dividing America by race, gender, economic status, ideology
6. Chinese in South China Sea
7. Russians in Ukraine and on the march
8. Middle East in turmoil
9. Iranians emboldened by weakness and billions in payoffs
10. Americans who wanted to keep their healthcare plan, couldn’t keep their healthcare plan
11. Police under attack based on false allegations
12. Porous borders
13. Lone wolf terrorist attacks
14. North Korean nukes
15. Weakened U.S. military
16. Insert more here

So, we must condemn that irresponsible and inept Donald Tr… uh… oh, that was Barack Obama. Never mind.

John R. Bolton
Calgary, Alberta, Canada