LTE: Should voting be compulsory?

Former NDP candidate Mario Leclerc. Leclerc ran unsuccessfully in the 2011 federal election in SDSG. (Mario Leclerc via Newswatch Group)

At the risk of displeasing some, I would reply in the affirmative to this question. It’s important to go to the polls. We vote to give meaning to our democracy. Going to vote is the very foundation of our political and democratic system.

I’m tired of hearing people say in every sense that they’re fed up with our politicians and policies.

People do not realize the privilege they have and the people who fought hard to own it.

Making the right to vote a mandatory civic duty would be the best way to counteract the cynicism surrounding politicians and politics. Why would you criticize politics if you don’t vote! In addition, making voting mandatory would inspire the media to extend coverage of political events of all kinds. Since the arrival of social media in our lives, traditional media for all sorts of reasons have let them most of the news space.

Finally, making voting mandatory would change the situation at several levels. This would greatly help to improve democracy, journalism and politics in general; a sure solution to political apathy.

Mario Leclerc
Former federal NDP candidate
Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry