Nationals shake up front office

CORNWALL – The city’s Federal Hockey League team has announced a shakeup in its front office.

Team owner Rodney Rivette announced Wednesday that a new local investor, Will Beauvais, will be partnering with the team.

That’s after part-owner and GM, Mitch Gagne, parted ways with the FHL organization and Rivette bought his share in the team.

In an email to Cornwall Newswatch, Rivette said Beauvais “stepped up when I talked to him about what was happening. I felt he was a good fit for the team. He loves sports and with his background doing financial reports it was a good fit for the team.”

As for who will be handling the GM duties – that task has been handed to Basem Awwad, a player who has suited up for a dozen games with the Nationals.

“Basem is quite familiar with the FHL and its nuances,” Rivette said.

Al Quenneville is still behind the bench and will return to his coaching duties when the team heads to Watertown, N.Y. on Friday.

The Cornwall Nationals sit in the middle of the standings – fourth out of seven teams in the FHL with a record of 6-8-3-1.

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