Speed limit reduced Mariatown to Morrisburg

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

Correction: This has been corrected from an earlier version to correct a typographical error. The highway affected is County Road 4, not County Road 2 as earlier stated.

MARIATOWN – More drivers will be slowing down along County Road 4 between here and Morrisburg.

County council approved a speed limit reduction Monday for a section of road between Mariatown and Morrisburg, which will basically create a 50 kilometer an hour speed limit from Coyle Drive all the way east to the Morrisburg municipal boundary.

The move follows a public request to review the speed limits in the area.

For speed limit consistency and to avoid creating a short 60 kilometer an hour speed limit from Steward Drive to the western limit of Morrisburg, the 50 kilometer an hour zone was extended through this area.

The cost to change the signs will be covered in the county’s general sign budget.