Caught at border with benzos

The Cornwall customs facility, south of the intersection of Water Street and Brookdale Avenue, in September 2014. (Photo/Federal Bridge Corp.)

CORNWALL – A Cornwall man is facing a number of charges after border agents found a quantity of psychoactive drugs during a stop on Saturday (Nov. 26).

City police said the accused pretended to be somebody else while going through the Cornwall port of entry.

He was arrested by Canada Border Services Agency officers and then turned over to Cornwall police.

CBSA agents found some marijuana as well as the benzodiazepines, which are used to treat people with panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorders. They are more commonly known by their trade names Valium and Xanax and are used by drug users for their sedating effects.

After his arrest, man didn’t go quietly as he’s accused of threatening a police officer and another man, spitting on an officer, kicking a cruiser and pushing the cruiser door into another police car, damaging both vehicles.

The 24-year-old is charged with impersonation, obstructing a police officer, two counts of drug possession, driving while disqualified, breach of two probation orders, breach of two recognizance orders, two counts of mischief, threats and assaulting police.