Atelka bought by Colorado firm

Atelka CEO Tom Loberto, seen here during a news conference in Cornwall, Ont. on Aug. 21, 2015. The company has been bought by a Colorado firm, looking to expand its operations in Canada (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

DENVER, Colo. – TeleTech is buying Akelta, as it looks to secure a footprint in the Canadian marketplace for call centers.

The Colorado-based company with 43,500 employees announced the deal today, which will see the Montreal company become part of TeleTech’s customer management services division.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, though it’s being described as being immediately beneficial to investors through an earnings per share boost.

“Our acquisition of Atelka is part of our strategy to bring our…customer engagement platform to key geographies,” said Kenneth Tuchman, CEO of TeleTech.

Atelka CEO Tom Loberto called it a “strategic move for Atelka” which will help provide more ways to reach their clients at the out-bound call centers like Cornwall.

The Cornwall inbound call center on Tollgate Road has around 200 workers and opened in 2013. It’s been steadily growing its workforce.

Atelka, founded in 2003, has 2,800 employees in four provinces.

In an interview Wednesday night, TeleTech spokeswoman Elizabeth Grice said the call centers in Canada will help with serving their brands. “With the acquisition of Atelka we will be expanding our footprint in Canada. Their agents can speak up to nine languages, so that also helps us expand our language capabilities,” Grice said.

She told Cornwall Newswatch the name will eventually change.

“The current plan is to transition their brand (Atelka) to TeleTech as soon as logistically possible. They will remain under the Atelka brand for now,” Grice said.

TeleTech has been around since 1982 and works on customer engagement in the automotive, health care and eCommerce sectors to name a few. Grice said the biggest part of their business is contact center management.

“We work with some of the largest brands in the world and serve their customers directly. We also work directly with those brands to help them design and improve the overall holistic customer experience,” Grice said.