Three charged with animal cruelty

Ontario SPCA. File photo.

CORNWALL – Three Cornwallites will appear in court Thursday on charges of animal cruelty after two sickly dogs were surrendered to the SPCA.

Ontario SPCA officers found a severely emaciated dog in a city home on Oct. 17, 2016 after receiving a call.

It took a day to establish contact with one of the accused, who told investigators that she had given the dog away but couldn’t provide an address of the person who had the dog, the SPCA said.

After receiving a tip, the SPCA was able to find the dog as well as a second emaciated dog at another city home.

It turned out that both dogs (Boxer mix) belonged to the original owner at the first home the humane society had visited.

One of the dogs was so sick and weakly that it was unable to get up from a blanket, the SPCA said.

A man at the second home surrendered the dogs, which are now getting veterinary care and are being nursed back to health.

Three people in relation to this case are facing two counts each of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal and two counts each of failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter and care.

The names of the accused were not released by the SPCA.

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