Char-Lan high school students rally

A Char-Lan student speaks during a rally on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016 in Williamstown, Ont. to save Char-Lan District High School. The school is one of 29 earmarked by the Upper Canada District School Board for possible closure. (Facebook Live via Newswatch Group)

WILLIAMSTOWN – Scores of students rallied outside Char-Lan District High School Friday morning to protest the possible closure of their school.

A sea of blue-and-gold surrounded a stage outside the school as several people spoke about efforts to save the Glengarry school. The presentations were punctuated by cheers and blasts from a vuvuzela.

“To think to having to go to a Cornwall school or a bigger school just doesn’t even compute with me. Especially the school they want to build…where you have 1,600 students. That sounds like jail to me,” one Char-Lan student said.

“If we weren’t a giant family nobody would be out here today fighting for the school we all love,” the student said.

“You take the schools out of the community, you really lose the heart of the community. We’re on your side. We’re fighting for it,” MPP and former South Glengarry mayor Jim McDonell said.

While it’s a provincial issue, “we support your efforts 110 per cent,” said Colin Munro, executive assistant for MP Guy Lauzon.

“The folks in Brockville picked the wrong community to mess with,” he added.

Wearing his letterman jacket, Todd Rozon – who has had four generations going to the high school – encouraged everyone to send a letter to trustees. “The more information they get about these schools, the better. Keep it positive.”

Students have been taking their turn at the microphone today (Friday) speaking about their Char-Lan experience.

You can see the Facebook Live feed here.