Improvements at Guy Street hoarding house

A four-plex on Guy Street is looking somewhat better on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016 after the City of Cornwall took action to have the property cleaned up. The city's chief building official says the landlord has been very cooperative in dealing with the hoarding problem at the property. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – There have been significant improvements to a cluttered Guy Street property that had been an eyesore for neighbours.

As Cornwall Newswatch first told you in September, the City of Cornwall promised it would take action on the property at 222-224 Guy Street after the chief building official was shown photos by CNW of the apartments with furniture packed on the front porch.

In an update this month, Chris Rogers says, in some cases, the city takes action by cleaning up the property and then billing the landlord for the work.

But Rogers says it wasn’t needed in this case as the landlord has been “working feverishly” towards a goal of cleaning up the four-plex.

“To this point, his efforts have been stymied to a degree by tenant’s rights and legal complexities. He is however working diligently through these temporary roadblocks,” Rogers said.

The chief building official anticipates “full bylaw compliance” within a “very short period” of time.

He added that the city has taken action on 21 properties so far this year where the owners have been invoiced for cleanup (if they don’t pay, it’s added on their taxes).