Cornwall city name tags, mandatory phone greetings proposed

In this October 2015, file photo, Deputy Police Chief Danny Aikman and Police Chief Dan Parkinson, have name tags above their left chest pockets. Two city councillors are proposing that all front-line city workers wear name tags, like police, paramedics and firefighters. They also want city officials to have mandatory official greetings on the phone. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – What’s in a name?

Evidently, a lot when you work at city hall and two councillors want to make sure you can identify those city employees.

Couns. Elaine MacDonald and Denis Carr have proposed that front-line staff have city name tags, much like city police, firefighters and paramedics already wear, in order to “demystify officialdom.”

The councillors also want those answering the phone at the corporation to clearly identify themselves when answering the phone.

“When one is answering the city telephone, one could say ‘Good morning, City of Cornwall. So-and-so speaking. How can I help you?’ The respondent to a phone call might be faceless but they don’t have to be nameless,” the new business motion reads.

The proposal will be coming up for discussion at Tuesday’s council meeting (Monday is Thanksgiving – a statutory holiday).

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