LTE: New Canadians need to adopt our values

The following Email to the Editor is in regard to the case of a Toronto father who pulled his three children out of music class because it was against his Muslim faith, sparking a debate on how school boards should deal with these cases:

As a proud Canadian regarding the humanitarian role we play on the world scene I am beginning to wonder when we shall say enough is enough.  Canada has opened its arms and hearts to those from other war torn countries to give them a safe haven and a better life here. We have clothed, fed and sheltered them with little or no public outcry.

I have quickly come to the sad realization that some of these newly transplanted individuals are dissatisfied with our way of life in Canada by wanting change the  laws to accommodate them rather than they change to accommodate our way of life. These few individuals are creating difficulties for the rest of Canadians that need to be address logically and without totally one sided favoritism by bending to their sometimes outrageous requests.  Yes, in Canada we are a multicultural society and for the most part I think we are doing a pretty decent job in honouring that role. However it’s about time that newly arrived immigrants realize that they are not in their country any longer and that our values don’t necessarily coincide with their set values.

Other world regimes require newcomers to fit in and comply with the rules of that county. Not here in Canada however. What ever happened to the age old phrase “When in Rome do as the Roman’s do”?

But of course that’s a letter for another day and how to deal with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms which may be due for an update.

David Porter