Diversity Cornwall brings sea of colour to Pitt Street

Scenes from Diversity Day on Saturday, Sep. 10, 2016 in Cornwall, Ont. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – An energetic crowd of around 150 people converged on the justice building courtyard Saturday morning for Diversity Day.

The resurrection of Pride festivities, now called Diversity Cornwall, saw a predominately younger crowd in the courtyard on Pitt Street for the event.

Local businessman Paul Leger raised the Gay Pride flag as a group of youth held a similar, larger flag at ground level.

Diversity Cornwall vice chairperson Lu Lu Belle was pleased with the turnout.

“It’s fantastic. Doing the march and the walk up Sydney Street. Being the parade marshal and turning around and looking back seeing this whole group of people coming behind me. And also the drivers…the people in the walk feed off the energy when people started honking and cheering…it’s a very good group here,” Belle said.

Belle said they were surprised with the turnout given the short notice. “For a group that really has no budget, for what they can accomplish, is really something there.”

Even with a society that has been more accepting, Belle said it’s important to celebrate diversity and pride.

“There are some people who still feel very alone. When you’re growing up and you’re young and you start having same-sex feelings, in a world that is predominately heterosexual, it’s good to let people know ‘Hey, we’re out here, we’re like you.’ and it’s part of a healthy community,” Belle added.

The day included raffles and silent auction and barbecue.

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