Dutch Meadows subdivision planned for Morrisburg

Subdivision would add $60 million in property value, $280,000 a year in taxes

Swank Construction shows off this diagram to South Dundas council on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016 for a new subdivision in the west end of Morrisburg. The development would create enough room for 300 families in the village. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

MORRISBURG – A major subdivision is planned for the west end of Morrisburg and construction could start in two years.

Members of Swank Construction of Iroquois presented their plans to South Dundas council Tuesday night for a new housing development called Dutch Meadows.

The company is no stranger to the municipality, having built four other subdivisions in recent years.

Dutch Meadows is a four phase project, which would see a mix of semi-detached, senior bungalows and regular homes on 54 acres, west of Steward Drive.

There are also plans for “affordable” condominiums with three, four to five storey towers near the south end of the land near Lakeshore Drive.

“As you know, we’ve had ongoing discussion with some of your staff over the past few months, discussing some options and some feasibilities for incoming infrastructure,” Henry Swank said.

That infrastructure would include access the water main from the north side of County Road 2 and adding a pumping station to service the subdivision, as well as a future road access to Steward Drive.

“In all, this proposal will allow us to bring in 200 new families in the upcoming years,” Ron Swank told councillors.

There are four phases and each phase is expected to take four to five years, Swank explained.

“The project will allow for employment growth for the Morrisburg area. Build the tax base. Utilize town water and sewer and benefit all of South Dundas,” Swank said.

Swank said, once there’s council approval, they will begin severance applications and zoning changes, hopefully by January 2017.

Township councillors and the mayor seemed to be on board with the developer’s plans.

“A huge announcement for us here in the municipality and we appreciate all of the contributions that the Swank Construction family have done for well over 50 years now. Staff and council have met with Swank Construction over the past couple of months and they’re really excited about this project as well,” Mayor Evonne Delegarde said.

Once fully developed, the project would be $60 million in new assessment value to the township and would bring in about $280,000 in taxes a year, according to the mayor.

The mayor said water usage would be increased by approximately 36 cubic meters, bringing in an additional revenue of $130,000, plus the sewage revenue as a percentage of that figure.

“This is great news for Morrisburg and great news for South Dundas,” Deputy Mayor Jim Locke added.

“I just want to complement you and congratulate you in having your faith in your business and making South Dundas and keeping us growing,” Coun. Archie Mellan said.

Swank Construction hopes to break ground by the summer of 2018.