River Kings plan falls short

CORNWALL – A plan to come up with $370,000 in less than a week to save the Cornwall River Kings wasn’t able to meet its goal.

The North American Hockey League had given Rodney Rivette, the coordinator of a grassroots fundraising plan, until today (Monday) at 4 p.m. to come up with the cash to save the club.

While the goal wasn’t reached, Rivette said on social media it wasn’t for the lack of effort and thanked volunteers for pressing hard to try and save the team.

People who donated to the five year plan of $500 a year, will be contacted to return their cheques and cash, Rivette wrote.

“Also a giant thank you for the patience of the LNAH. They allowed us to try and save our team. They have been so helpful in our bid. It’s unfortunate that we did not reach our goals.”

The LNAH plans to go ahead with a seven-team league this season.

In a statement, the LNAH said it will officially dissolve the team in a conference call on Wednesday night.