Homes raided, 10 arrested in Project Cardiff

SD&G – Ten people are facing criminal charges after a mass raid of various homes and properties Thursday across Stormont and Dundas.

Numerous police units descended on 10 separate locations in Stormont and Dundas Counties and the City of Cornwall.

They were homes on Maple Street in Ingleside, Baldwin Avenue in Cornwall, Fifth Street in Morrisburg, County Road 29 in South Stormont, North Lunenburg Road in South Stormont, County Road 15 in South Stormont, two homes on Duffys Road in South Stormont and a home on Broken Second Road in South Dundas.

A property on Duffys Road in South Stormont was also searched.

The O.P.P. Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, O.P.P. Tactic and Rescue Unit, O.P.P. Emergency Response Team and Cornwall police were involved in the raids as part of Project Cardiff.

It was all part of an ongoing investigation into Matthew Collins of Ingleside.

Officers seized tens of thousands of dollars in Canadian and American cash, methamphetamine pills, marijuana plants, cannabis resin, other pills, Oxycontin pills, percocet, cocaine and a .22-caliber rifle.

The following people are facing various drug-related charges:

  • Matthew Collins, 34, Ingleside
  • Jeff Pond, 42, Cornwall
  • Michael Francis, 35, Morrisburg
  • Rodney Beckstead, 47, South Stormont
  • Steve Prunner, 49, South Dundas
  • Monique Garlough, 44, South Stormont
  • Jason Whiteland, 31, South Stormont
  • Eldon Collins, 53, South Stormont
  • Calvin Zeron, 25, South Stormont

One man was charged with failing to abide by court orders:

  • Robert Corbett, 35, South Dundas

Some of the accused are still being held for bail hearings in Cornwall while others have been released with September court dates.