LTE: Canada birthday proposed spending ‘irresponsible’

The following is an open letter to Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and city councillors regarding the proposed $86,000 celebration this winter for Canada’s 150th birthday:

Mr. Mayor and City Councillors,

I am truly dismayed that Councillor Elaine MacDonald would actually propose spending $86,000 of the taxpayer’s money for a Canada Birthday celebration later this year. Trust me, I am likely more patriotic than most and I dare say, more that the majority of Cornwall residents if one is to judge this from the extremely low number of Canadian flags displayed on Canada Day in the City. Just so you know, there is a large one attached to a structure behind our house, year round. However, spending this amount of money from already scarce tax dollars on an already stretched City budget is both irrational and irresponsible. I do not begrudge Councillor Elaine MacDonald her enthusiasm for this project and if she is still adamant about the expenditure, perhaps it should come from her own funds.

Pierre Marcotte