Tablets donated to CCH children’s treatment program

In this Monday, July 11, 2016 photo provided by CCH, members of the hospital receive a donation of 12 tablets from an Ottawa company. Pictured are Steve Sutherland, VP operations at CCH, Natasha Scott, Supervisor, Child and Youth Services, Keith Frost, Day treatment Program Secretary, Katie Michaud, Social worker for Day treatment program and Dave Price, Director, Company operations at VINCI Education. (CCH via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – An Ottawa company has donated a dozen tablets to the Cornwall Community Hospital Children’s Day Treatment Program.

The donation was made this week by VINCI Education, which has created new learning tools based on teaching methods designed by developmental psychologists and education experts.

“We are grateful and honoured to receive this donation. The children in our program can use these tablets for educational and therapeutic purposes,” said Natasha Scott, supervisor for the department.

The children’s day treatment department offers comprehensive service for children with mental health issued or behavioural challenges.

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