Safety alert lifted at Tagwi high school

AVONMORE – Students at Tagwi Secondary School were met by O.P.P. officers Wednesday morning after concerns about a possible threat to the safety of the school.

Principal Geoff Trasuk didn’t exactly spell out what the nature of the concern was but said in a Facebook post around 2:30 p.m. that police had “assure(d) us that they have no further safety concerns.”

Trasuk’s posting goes on to address various avenues parents can use should “you or your child have any concerns that are of a criminal nature or a risk to public safety.”

There are multiple reports that someone had threatened to carry out a school shooting though those have not been confirmed by police.

The school, in a social media posting, said that it couldn’t comment on the active investigation but police would be “investigate the content of this “rumour”,” which the school received yesterday.

A call to SD&G O.P.P. was not returned.

There was a lockdown drill at Seaway District High School in Iroquois, unrelated to the situation at Tagwi, board spokesman Allison Grange told Cornwall Newswatch.

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