Winchester hospital has new chief of staff

In this Monday, May 30, 2016 provided by WDMH, Dr. Darren Tse has been appointed chief of staff of the Winchester District Memorial Hospital. He is an ear, nose and throat specialist and has worked with the hospital since 2013. (WDMH via Newswatch Group)

WINCHESTER – The Winchester District Memorial Hospital has a new chief of staff.

Dr. Darren Tse is an ear, nose and throat specialist and has done leading-edge work in the treatment of dizziness, the hospital said in a release.

He has been a doctor in Winchester since 2013.

“WDMH is a fantastic organization that truly has the wellness of all its patients at its core. I appreciate all the well wishes from the staff, and I hope I can continue to live and promote the values of compassionate excellence in my work as chief of staff,” Tse said.

The chief of staff is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of medical care at WDMH.

Tse takes over for Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks, the interim chief of staff, assisted by Dr. Brian Devin.

Ingram-Crooks had been the interim chief of staff since Dr. Charles Adamson retired in 2014.