Bonnie Glen owner plans to rebuild

The Bonnie Glen Pavilion, seen here in this October 2012 photo from Google Maps, was partially destroyed by fire May 19, 2016. The owner plans to rebuild. (Google Maps via Newswatch Group)

ALEXANDRIA – The owner of the Bonnie Glen Pavilion, west of here, plans to rebuild the facility.

But it will be at least six months before anything happens.

The facility, which is home to weddings, receptions and the Celtic Music Hall of Fame inductions, was partially destroyed by fire May 19, 2016.

The fire resulted in manpower from all three North Glengarry stations and support from South Glengarry coming in to beat down the flames.

During a news conference Sunday, Michel Diotte vowed that the fire wasn’t going to be the end of the Bonnie Glen Pavilion.

It appears it will be up to the insurance company on how the restoration of the business on County Road 43 will proceed – whether it will be a complete rebuild or renovation.

The damage is estimated at over $300,000 and the cause appears to be electrical, according to Diotte.

As for scheduled concerts and weddings, some will be held under a tent in the parking lot of the facility while others have chosen to seek other options.