Labour ministry investigation where woman’s foot crushed could take days or months

CORNWALL – A spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Labour says an investigation into a bystander, hurt at a Ninth Street construction site, could take “days (or) it could take months.”

A woman was hospitalized Thursday (May 19) after her foot was crushed by a piece of machinery at a construction site of a gym near 61 Ninth Street.

“It was reported to us that a non-worker was injured at a nearby construction site. We have an inspector assigned and have attended the scene already and our investigation, so far, is still ongoing,” Janet Deline told Cornwall Newswatch.

The inspector will look at the site as well as an equipment that was involved, interview witnesses, coworkers and employees, Deline explained.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has one year from the date of the accident to file charges, if warranted, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) may also make orders for a construction company to make improvements for the health and safety of its workers.

The MOL case is separate from a Cornwall police investigation, which would look at whether criminal charges are laid under the Criminal Code of Canada.

“Sometimes they (MOL inspectors) will work with police if they are on scene or require that sort of thing. Basically the police will be doing their own investigation separate from us. They may confer on a few details,” Deline said.

Const. Dan Cloutier told CNW their investigation is ongoing and, to his knowledge, no charges had been laid as of Tuesday afternoon.

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