COMMENTARY: Will Cornwall council do their duty?

Cornwall City Council will vote tonight on whether to continue adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water. Really, it’s not a matter of continuing because the practice hasn’t been done since a piece of equipment used for dispensing the fluoride additive broke in 2013. This commentary is not about whether to fluoridate the water but whether council will do what the people elected them to do and make a decision. Staff have given the council three options – do it, don’t do it, or push it off for further public consultation – maybe until 2018 when there’s an election.

The public elected councillors to be a voice for them and I’m sure they have had plenty of feedback from their constituents. But council isn’t about making the latest proclamation or sitting on committees. It’s about making hard decisions. It’s the time to show leadership and either put fluoride in the water or don’t put fluoride in the water. But, for the love of Pete, make a decision!

The topic continues to fester and is taking away from other issues the city should be tackling. Somehow, I think council will take the easy way out and kick the can down the road until 2018, not for the reason of more public consultation, but for the preservation of their profile come election time.