City settles out of court on ‘unfortunate distraction’

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – The City of Cornwall has settled out of court with a person ejected from the city council chambers three years ago.

The city announced in a media release Monday it cut a cheque for $3,000 in the $40,000 claim against the corporation from Seaway Media Inc. (Cornwall Free News) and Jamie Gilcig.

The city says it settled the matter “when Seaway Media accepted a $3,000 settlement,” which does not include a confidentiality clause.

The settlement is being covered by the city’s insurance.

“This three-year-old event has been an unfortunate distraction,” CAO Maureen Adams said. “We are happy to put this matter behind us and move forward with the constructive and important business of the city.”

In February 2013, Gilcig was removed from the council chambers by police after then-Mayor Bob Kilger found his t-shirt offensive and ask him to remove it, which he did not.

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