LTE: Fluoride and Aspirin

The following is an open letter from a local resident to Cornwall city council regarding the ongoing fluoride debate:

Mr. Mayor, Council Members,

For some time now, I have been watching and following the fluoride debate during your deliberations and presentations both during your televised sessions and articles in the local media publications.

We can all agree that there are numerous opinions and positions either pro or con as it relates to fluoridation in our City’s water system and I do not pretend to know the correct answer. However, I believe that there is a very basic point being missed during these deliberations.

Why would you force me to ingest a chemical that I do not want and can I respectfully suggest a possible comparison? As a preventative measure, I take a daily low dose of Aspirin in the hope that it may avoid future heart problems. This is a generally accepted remedy supported by the medical profession.

My neighbors may disagree but Council and our local Cardiologists hypothetically happen to agree with me and Aspirin is introduced into to City’s water. Can you imagine the outcry and the immediate negative response? What is the difference, you are forcing Cornwall to ingest fluoride, why not also Aspirin? I am obviously stretching the envelope in making my point, but do you see the analogy?

If certain segments of our population require fluoride that they are not getting, why not establish a toothpaste program, it would be a whole lot safer, cheaper and much more effective. Some cities are establishing safe injection sites…how about a safe toothpaste site? Let Cornwall be the first!

Pierre Marcotte

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