Brookdale Avenue reconstruction under budget

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – Work will begin in about two weeks on reconstructing Brookdale Avenue, a spokesman for the Federal Bridge Corporation told city council Monday night.

Engineer Glenn Hewus told council the project also came in under their $10 million budget at $7.4 million.

A local company, Bray Construction, will be reconstructing Brookdale Avenue from Water Street to the Rotary Traffic Circle.

“(They are) good numbers. (We are) very pleased that the tendering came in under budget,” Hewus said.

The Federal Bridge Corporation share will be $4.8 million while the city will pay $2.7 million.

Hewus said the contract will incorporate “the major infrastructure” from Water Street to Second Street.

The work is expected to start at Water Street and the contractor work their way north.

“The street would be closed 50 per cent of the time,” Hewus indicated.

On questioning from Coun. Denis Carr, Hewus said the columns from the old bridge will all eventually be taken down to roughly one-and-a-half meters above the waterline, unless there is an interest to keep them.

The pillar on the north shore is remaining as a potential lookout – but that option won’t be going ahead right away because of security issues given the proximity to the CBSA.

“We can’t have that lookout at this particular time,” Hewus said.