Councillor, radio host to square off for CTC, Champs

Cornwall councillor David Murphy and local radio morning man Dan Allaire pose for the camera Friday, May 6, 2016. Both men are getting into the ring in May 2017 for a celebrity boxing match to benefit the Children's Treatment Center and Champs East Side Boxing Club. (David Murphy via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – A Cornwall city councillor and a well-known local radio host are set to head into the boxing ring a year from now for charity.

But there’s a lot of work ahead for David Murphy and Dan Allaire ahead of the celebrity match in May 2017.

Both men have committed to training for three days a week for two hours each day for the next year. It’s a lot of hours for up to six minutes in the ring.

They revealed their plan Friday during a news conference at Champs on Jarvis Street with Jorge and Tony Luis.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Children’s Treatment Center and Champs East Side Boxing Club. An actual date the event has not been set and the logistics for placing “bets” on Murphy and Allaire are still being worked out.

“The idea was pitched to us over a year ago kind of loosely and it kinda was in the back of both our heads and we had lunch with Jorge Luis a little over two months ago and he basically laid the rules out. If we’re going to do this it’s going to be legit. You’re going to come three times a week minimum and train like actual fighters,” boom 101.9 morning show host Dan Allaire told Cornwall Newswatch.

Allaire, 42, said it’s for the right cause and an opportunity to give back to the treatment center and raise the profile of Champs East Side Boxing Club. “They’ve done a lot of great things for youth in Cornwall and we’re going to try and help that club out as well.”

With a background in heavy lifting, Allaire believes the constant sessions of cardio and skill development are going to be the biggest challenge in the next 12 months. “I lift heavy things but that’s short bursts of full energy – this is 90 minutes to two hours of everything you’ve got non-stop.”

The 43-year-old Murphy, who has already lost 18 pounds, says getting ready has been a lifestyle change.

“I wrestled at St. Joes in high school, the first year they had the program and I was in the best shape of my life until (what) I’m going to be a year from now,” Murphy said. “I remember the workouts in high school and these are more intense,” he said.

While they are training together, Murphy doesn’t believe it will mean they will learn each others’ secrets. “We’re pushing. We push each other. We train together….there’s a mutual respect. Do we want to win? Yes, you’re damn right we do,” Murphy laughed.

The two-term councillor described the upcoming match as the Justin Trudeau-Patrick Brazeau bout “except we’re going to be more entertaining.”