Boundary Road tops list of riskiest railway crossings

In this March 28, 2013, file photo, a car is struck by a CN freight train at the Boundary Road crossing in Cornwall, Ont. The occupants of this vehicle got out and were not hurt after the car stalled on the tracks. The crossing is listed at the top of the highest risk crossings in Canada. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – The railway crossing on Boundary Road in Cornwall has been flagged as the riskiest crossing in Canada.

That’s based on a list obtained by CBC News and compiled by Transport Canada, which uses software that calculates a risk rating based on accident data, train speeds, volumes and sight lines at crossings.

The risk rating is based on traffic data from 2001-2015.

But the majority of that data would be based on the old layout at the east end crossing.

In 2010, recognizing the risks at the crossing, the city entered into a $767,000 agreement with Canadian National Railway to reconstruct the crossing, with up to $500,000 coming from Transport Canada.

Tenth Street East was also closed at Boundary Road as part of that reconstruction project to prevent northbound traffic from turning left on Tenth Street and backing up traffic on the railroad crossing.

An overpass to replace the crossing – which has flashing lights, bells and gates – has been talked about in the past and a city official says the idea is still on the table but it would cost millions of dollars.

As for other crossings in the region, the Tollgate Road crossing was listed at 183, Power Dam Drive at 203, Summerstown Road at 489 and Main Street in Lancaster at 42 out of the 500 “highest risk” crossings.