LTE: Disastrous ‘mushy middle’ campaign Mulcair’s undoing

SDSG New Democratic Federal/Provincial Riding Association Past President Brian Lynch. (Newswatch Group/File)

Tom Mulcair’s ouster as the leader of Canada’s NDP at the federal NDP convention on April 10 is a repudiation of the disastrous campaign run by Tom Mulcair and the central party in the October 19 federal election with its cautious platform, failed strategy of moving the NDP to the mushy middle, lack of vision and poor messaging.

The federal NDP can now renew itself under a friendly, progressive leader who inspires people, who listens to the party members, and who works with our allies in the community.

Going forward, the NDP must be true to its social democratic values and principles and make income inequality, tax fairness, climate change, good paying jobs in a green economy, and improved public healthcare, pensions and child care the centrepiece of a social democratic platform.  That compelling vision is the path to victory.

The federal NDP is fortunate to have several potential leadership candidates such as Megan Leslie, Nathan Cullen, Avi Lewis, Alexandre Boulerice, Paul Dewar, Niki Aston, Charlie Angus, Peter Julian, Brian Topp with the social democratic credentials, passion, and skills to present the NDP as the real progressive option for everyday Canadians.  Let the renewal begin.

Brian Lynch
Past President, SDSG Federal NDP association