Military ship could have Crysler’s Farm moniker

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MORRISBURG – One of the future vessels for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Joint Support Ships fleet should bear the name of a local site in the War of 1812.

Working on that theme, the RCN has already selected the names for two ships: HMCS Queenston and HMCS Chateauguay, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

There is an option for a third ship and, if it takes place, the likely name for that vessel would be HMCS Crysler’s Farm, according to Defence Watch, citing Canadian Forces documents.

British forces defeated the American army in the battle of Crysler’s Farm – a key event in the war 204 years ago.

But it may be a long time – if ever – we see the ship as the Joint Support Ships aren’t expected until at least 2020.

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