Cornwall code of conduct passes

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – The city has its code of conduct on the books with one minor edit before it passed Tuesday night.

The 13 page document to guide the actions of councillors, boards and committees was originally championed by former Coun. Brock Frost as part of his election promises.

“This is a much improved document…it’s more fluid,” Coun. David Murphy said.

But part of the policy “didn’t sit well” with him – that staff could decide whether information is shared with councillors.

The specific sentence: “Furthermore, in using this discretion, he/she will judge as appropriate what information should be shared with the Council for such related items.”

“That sentence concerns me…there could have been lawsuits,” Murphy said, recalling a scenario in a previous situation.

Murphy successfully got another councillor – Mark MacDonald – to support his push to remove the sentence.

The code of conduct passed shortly after with little discussion.