Speed limit reductions in Moose Creek, Alexandria, CR40

The United Counties building and Provincial Offences Act courthouse at 22 Pitt Street in Cornwall. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – If you’re driving into Moose Creek or heading around Alexandria, you’ll have to slow down this spring.

County council approved speed limit reductions in those areas Monday morning, as well as County Road 40 in South Dundas.

Roads manager Ben de Haan told county council the step down in speed – called a transition speed zone – to 60 kilometers an hour outside Moose Creek was already too short – by 200 meters (656 feet).

The change will extend that 60 kilometer an hour zone east, past the French Catholic elementary school, for a total length of 650 meters (2,132 feet) heading into the village.

In Alexandria, the speed will drop in the downtown core to 40 kilometers an hour (from the Via Rail tracks and high school to County Road 10/Lochiel Street West) from its current 50 kilometers per hour.

The final reduction in speed limits is for County Road 40, known as Stampville Road, to 60 kilometers an hour from 80.

De Haan explained that so-called “ribbon development,” a type of urban development that is frowned upon by today’s planning standards, has built up areas along the rural road north of Iroquois.

The road had been 60 kilometers an hour in 1969 but – for some unknown reason – was bumped to 80 kilometers an hour in 1998 when highways were transferred from the province to the county and the county-wide bylaw for highways was rewritten.

The changes are being made based on requests from both residents and county staff.

The signs will go in once the frost is out of the ground, de Haan told council.

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