South Stormont wants piece of Long Sault Parkway

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LONG SAULT – With some of its residents technically land locked, South Stormont wants a piece of the Long Sault Parkway.

The matter was discussed between township officials and Ontario Tourism Minister Michael Coteau last month and contained in a report to South Stormont council last night (March 9, 2016).

The director of public works has indicated it would be in the municipality’s best interest to get a 1.9 kilometer section of the Long Sault Parkway from County Road 2 to the Moulinette Island Causeway Street.

“Right now, that’s not even considered a roadway, something that happened in 1958 or ’59 when they salvaged the parkway (during the creation of the seaway). We didn’t realize this until just recently that it’s considered a path basically,” Mayor Jim Bancroft told Cornwall Newswatch.

Right now, the “road” is owned by the Province of Ontario and maintained by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.

“Our water line is on that particular (piece of) road since 1958 when the island was established. We need to protect ourselves from a liability exposure, as well as we have to provide access to the residents that are on a road that is owned by the municipality,” Bancroft said.

The mayor said the option of having the county – an upper tier government that usually has more clout in dealing with the provincial government – obtain the road is not in the cards. “That’s not an option for us right now.”

“We have to protect our residents. They’re taxpayers as well as anybody else – significant taxpayers.”

“We wanted to start the dialogue to see what steps have to be taken, if possible. Maybe it’ll be something that can be done jointly. But we have to make sure do cover our end of it and provide that service to our residents.”

At the meeting, Tourism Minister Michael Coteau said he would broker talks on the matter, states the report, though when that will happen is not known.