Cornwall high school has something cooking

CORNWALL – St. Matthew Catholic Secondary School will be welcoming culinary students from across the region for a series of cooking competitions.

Event spokesman Kelly McDermid told Cornwall Newswatch at least 32 future chefs will be baking up a storm tomorrow (Tuesday, March 1).

The school will hold competitions in making a cheesecake, cake decorating, a MasterChef Blind Box competition and a soup competition.

The soup creations will be held at St. Joseph’s high school.

A number of people are helping with the event including Catholic board OYAP coordinator Dan Lortie and a slate of judges from various organizations, grocery stores, eateries and restaurants.

This is part and parcel of the series of skills competitions that are being held at St. Lawrence College.

Here’s a list of the judges:

  • Robbie Laroche (Farm Boy)
  • Christian Barque (The Bar Q)
  • Michael Laurie (Ministry of Education)
  • Steve Saymour (Chief Warrant Officer – Army)
  • Deanna Samson (Lieutenant Commander – Navy)
  • Jay Rached (Chief Warrant Officer – Army)
  • Katherine Welk-Holmes (past champion)
  • Stephane Charron (Warrant Officer – Army)
  • Julia Graham (The Quirky Carrot)
  • Lynda Hinch (Lieutenant Navy)
  • Lucas McCabe (Sodexo)
  • Tony Vogel (Chartwell
  • Steve Saymour (Chief Warrant Officer – Army)
  • Deanna Samson (Lieutenant Commander – Navy)
  • Charlotte Rouleau (Executive Director of CCC)