Cornwall 2016 budget to be passed Monday

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CORNWALL – City council will meet Monday afternoon to put its final stamp of approval on the 2016 budget.

As it stands right now, the average residential increase in taxes will be 1.88 per cent or an extra $41.58 on your 2016 tax bill.

That’s based on a property valued at $159,539, so the actual increase will vary slightly based on the value of your home through municipal assessment.

The city plans to collect three per cent more in taxes this year (the tax levy) for a total of $67.9 million.

Some of the highlights of the budget include moving ahead with a splash pad for Riverdale Park and an accelerated plan to review transit services in the city.

The budget committee tasked with grants to outside agencies was able to trim funding by $3,758 for a total of $544,000, through a motion put together by Coun. David Murphy.

This was the first year the city has split the budget in two with half of council tackling the core budget while the other half handled grants to outside agencies.

CFO Maureen Adams is expected to make a final presentation when the meeting beings at 5 p.m. Monday at city hall.

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