Gymnasium proposed for Benson Center

Low interest rates are putting the squeeze on Cornwall's payments for its debt on the Benson Center, seen here in a 2011 photo. (City of Cornwall via Newswatch Group, File)

CORNWALL ā€“ A group of local residents is proposing a multi-million dollar gymnasium to be added to Cornwall’s Benson Center.

The group, represented by John Dilabio, is expected to bring the idea before city council on March 29.

If the name sounds familiar, Dilabio was a principal in the building of the Cornwall Curling Center.

The plan would see a two-level structure built, along with soccer fields, on the west side of the property. The soccer field idea was pitched years ago but it fell by the wayside due to budgetary issues.

The expansion is suspected to cost at least $2 million though the proponents said it would not come as a burden to the local taxpayer.

The city is still paying the loan off for the $33 million Benson Center through interest from the Progress Fund, though making those payments is getting extremely tight with fewer dollars coming in due to low interest rates.

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