Dozens of drivers caught breaking ‘move over’ law

NORTH GLENGARRY – It appears a lot of drivers aren’t giving first responders room on the highway.

During a one day blitz yesterday (Feb. 18) on Highway 417 in North Glengarry, the O.P.P. Highway Safety Division and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers gave out 69 tickets.

Forty-three of those were for breaking Ontario’s so-called “move over” law for failing to move over when an emergency vehicle is at the side of the highway or slowing down if they’re not able to make a lane change.

A first conviction is a fine of $400 to $2,000, plus three demerit points on your driver’s licence.

Another 13 tickets were given out for speeding.

Ontario’s “move over” law has been on the books since 2003 after the deaths of a number of police officers addressing vehicles parked or pulled over on the side of the road.

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