Cornwall grants come in under budget

The entrance to the Cornwall city council chambers. (Newswatch Group/File)

CORNWALL – A Cornwall councillor made a move Wednesday night to start belt-tightening the grants to outside agencies.

Coun. David Murphy asked that a certain number of groups – a spectrum of arts, community and social groups – receive a total of $544,000.

There were 23 organizations asking for a collective amount of $1,180,659.

Here are the groups the the amount of money they will receive:

  • Cornwall and the Counties Tourism $160,000 (asked for $181,144)
  • SD&G Historical Society $100,000 (asked for $114,108)
  • Aultsville Theater $97,000 (asked for $97,000)
  • Seaway Seniors Center $30,000 (asked for $30,000)
  • Centre Charles-Emile Claude $30,000 (asked for $39,924)
  • Centre Culturel de Cornwall $30,000 (asked for $40,000)
  • Your Arts Council (YAC) $43,000 (asked for $43,800)
  • Counselling and Support Services $26,500 (asked for $26,683)
  • Agape Center $20,000 (a one time contribution for food only, asked for $60,000)
  • Encore Seniors Center $7,500 (asked for $7,500 one time funding)

It’s a total of $544,000 – below the envelope of $547,758.

“We cover arts quite well, we cover our social responsibilities. We run the gambit of making sure we cover the community,” Coun. David Murphy told fellow committee members.

In an interview with Cornwall Newswatch following the meeting Murphy said the list was carefully selected.

“When it comes to our two largest components – the museum and tourism – it’s not a knock on what they do. It’s just, we need to tighten the belt and there’s an opportunity to do that with this while helping additional agencies that better the community,” Murphy said.

“We came a little bit under budget – $3,000 – and in the grand scheme of the overall budget that is not a lot of money but it’s not going over what we were allotted to use,” Murphy added.

The right-of-center councillor was asked whether making the list was a balance in getting his left-leaning counterparts on side.

“Oh, of course. You’re always looking for ways to work with the other members of council to reach your end goal. By being a little more socially-minded in this budget, we’ve done that. I’ve always had that social conscience but you have to balance it – balance it with the needs of the community as a whole.”

“It sets the standard for what we do going forward,” agency budget chairman Denis Carr told CNW.

“We need to tighten our belts and this will send a message. I have no problem (with it),” Coun. Andre Rivette added.

“We only have so many dollars to play with. I’m comfortable with supporting (the motion that’s before this committee),” Coun. Maurice Dupelle said.

Coun. Carilyne Hebert said she wished the city had $1.1 million to support all 23 groups but she understands the financial restraint that needs to happen.

All those asking for in-kind services will be getting those as well. Those are: the Santa Claus Parade, Centre Culturel de Cornwall, Cornwall Triathlon, Cornwall Seaway Lions Club, Cornwall Waterfest, Parade of Nations, Kinsmen in Motion, Rachel’s Kids, Cornwall and District Service Club Council.

The recommendation – along with the recommendation from the core budget committee – now goes to the full city council for approval.