First drinking water risk plan signed: SNC

FINCH – The Raisin-South National Conservation Authority has signed its first risk management plan to protect local drinking water sources.

The plan is born from the drinking water source protection plan that took effect April 1, 2015, which is followed by both regional conservation authorities.

The conservation authorities work on behalf of 18 local municipalities.

“The creation of the Risk Management Plan involves working with property owners who live in vulnerable areas, or areas close to municipal drinking water sources, to promote education and best management practices, to help keep local drinking water safe,” said Tessa Di Iorio, SNC’s hydrogeologist and risk management official.

This risk management plan is the first but certainly won’t be the last.

The Raisin-South Nation Conservation Authority has plans to sign 285 plans to cover vulnerable areas of the watershed, such as agricultural areas and places around septic systems.

It plans to “build relationships” with property owners to protect areas where residents draw water for drinking.