Bringing more warmth to the poor in SD&G

In this Dec. 11, 2015 photo provided by the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area, Home Depot Manager Steve Larkin and Project Warmth organizer Sue Matthies pose next to the 470 insulation kits to be given out through the program. (Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area via Newswatch Group)

SD&G – A number of local groups and the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area are helping the poor stay a little warmer this winter.

There are 470 window insulation kits that will be given out this winter through Project Warmth.

The program, sponsored by 15 local businesses and organizations, is meant to help those below the low-income cut off level.

According to Statistics Canada, that is $21,359 for a family of four.

The social development council says that those with limited income have the added difficulty insulating their homes while trying to make ends meet.

The council partnered on the project with the House of Lazarus in Mountain and raised the $2,830 in donations to buy the 470 insulation kits.

The kits will be distributed through the Agape Center and the Salvation Army, which will do the assessments and determine eligibility.

The project was largely organized by St. Lawrence College student Sue Matthies, as part of her placement with the social service worker program.

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