Fewer hiring opportunities to start 2016: Manpower

CORNWALL – It looks like the opportunities for a job may be more challenging to start the new year.

Manpower is out today (Tuesday) with its Employment Outlook Survey, which is calling for a “subdued” hiring climate in Cornwall for January through March.

Of the businesses polled, three per cent plan to hire, 10 per cent plan cutbacks and the balance (87 per cent) are leaving their staffing levels as is.

The overall outlook is lower than the end of 2015 and down 11 points from the same period in 2015.

The jobs barometer is also a little more reserved compared to the national average where there’s a moderate hiring climate with nine per cent planning to hire, seven per cent planning to cut jobs, 81 per cent are keeping staffing levels as is and three per cent were unsure.

“It looks as though it’s a solid approach by most organizations to pretty much maintain status quo, but again, the employers have a reserved hiring pace into the first quarter,” said Manpower spokeswoman, Lisa MacInnis, in an interview with Cornwall Newswatch.

MacInnis said their survey doesn’t ask why those employers are not adding to their ranks.

“As far as the information we have at our fingertips, there’s not really any particular area that seems to be either sparking this or really adding to the passive approach to the hiring,” she told CNW.

The employer survey was conducted in early November and MacInnis was asked whether the new federal Liberal government and its approach to small business could be a factor.

“From that standpoint, absolutely, whatever is top of mind for businesses at that point. That’s the indicator at that snapshot in time what the employment outlook looks like,” she said.

The transportation, construction and manufacturing sectors continue to be the best bets to find a job, according to the survey.

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