Cornwall mentions as Gosling hosts SNL

Ryan Gosling performs during his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live on Dec. 5, 2015. There were some references to his hometown of Cornwall, Ont. during the show. (Olivia McGuire/SNL on Twitter via Newswatch Group)

NEW YORK – There were a couple references to Cornwall as Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Gosling, 35, was host of the show and joined by SNL alum and fellow Canuck Mike Myers.

One of the references happened when SNL’s Cecily Strong interrupted Gosling to point out that he actually hails from Cornwall, Ont., to which Gosling suggested it might not be the best time to talk about being an immigrant.

Myers then burst on the scene wearing a Leafs jersey, reminding him about the reasons for being a proud Canadian, such as “our hunky new prime minister” and “Sir Justin Bieber.”

In another skit, Gosling was to being interviewed by a reporter for GQ in a bar in Cornwall, but ends up coming face-to-face with a former bully.

There was also an appearance from Quebec City’s Bonhomme during a Christmas in Canada musical tribute.

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